Going gluten free

Going gluten free is a big deal for most people. I’ll go out on a limb with zero substantiation (other than the looks of panic from my clients) and say that it’s a big deal for all people. Gluten is pervasive in the US food supply and in the American diet. And we really enjoy […]

If Oprah writes about it, it must be true!

Oprah magazine features an article questioning (in a roundabout way) safety of America’s food technology. I love when all the issues that the left wing, granola head nutritionists (moi, for example) have been saying for years get picked up by the mainstream media. This is awesome. How many readers does she have? The article points […]

Food & addiction

A study in Neuroscience wonders about the similarities between junk food junkies and, well, junkies. In an experiment, rats that were given unlimited amounts of junk food had similar addictive behaviors to rats addicted to heroin. The researchers believe this occurred because the pleasure centers of the brains of rats becomes less responsive as the […]