Stressed out? Who isn’t?

The functioning of your adrenal glands and your thyroid are intimately connected. Together, these regulate hormones and basal metabolic rate. Add an urban life in the big city, a two-parent working household, the economy, parenting, or almost every other permutation of living and you have a recipe for either stressed and tired or stressed and […]

Health resolutions for the new year

Post holidays at the beginning of the year is a typical time for resolutions — a time to change our lives for the better. January only competes with pre bathing suit season for getting in shape. It’s the time of the year that clients ask me about weight loss and eating better. Here are a […]

Preventing the flu

Who’s generating more press about the flu “epidemic” — the media or the government? Well, while everyone else is waiting in line for a flu vaccine or complaining about the vaccine, I’m taking precautions. First and most obvious, do not hang around people who are constantly blowing their noses and touching everything in your vicinity. […]