Culinary & Food Science


Product Formulation

Registered Dietitians and clinical nutritionists assess clients’ food intakes, likes, dislikes, needs, and desires at every appointment. We truly have our finger on the pulse, and digestive tract, of consumers’ food habits. We know what people are eating, as well as what nutrition products they’re buying. Contact Laura Lagano Nutrition to help you formulate food products and supplements to reflect these trends and needs.

Recipe & Menu Development

Laura is a nutritionist who loves to cook! Laura and her team of culinary nutritionists and chefs can craft and test spectacular recipes and consumer-friendly menus that feature your products. Contact Laura Lagano Nutrition to develop new recipes, test and tweak current recipes, and develop menus that fit into today’s lifestyles and foodways.

Food Labeling

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires that packaged foods feature nutrition information on their labels. Any health claims (for example, lowers cholesterol) or nutrition content messages (for example, low-sodium) must comply with FDA regulations. Contact Laura Lagano Nutrition to make certain that your food label information is accurate and up-to-date.