Organic everywhere

Organic gin — that’s one way to reduce your toxic load. Drinking organic alcohol seems somewhat like an oxymoron. Alcohol is, of course, a toxin. If you looking to decrease your toxic load, the first two directives are eliminate alcohol and eat organic. Mixing organic gin in your G&T is a compromise of sort, I […]

Comfort food & gluten-free baking

Is it the impending snow storm,┬áreading “Julie & Julia” on a Kindle, or gazing at the photos in Don Pintabona’s “The Shared Table: Cooking with Spirit for Family & Friends?” No one in my family really cares. They’re just happy that I decided to cook. It’s cold outside. Comfort food recipes come to mind. I […]

Organic: what’s crucial?

Organic. It’s everywhere. Food. Cleaning products. Personal care. Linens. Clothing. Let’s focus on food first. After all, this is a nutrition blog. The Environmental Working Group tells us that the dirty dozen of vegetables and fruit include peaches apples bell peppers celery nectarines strawberries cherries kale lettuce imported grapes carrots pears You can download a […]

Nutrition heals in many ways

Nutrition heals may have new meaning. At the very last minute, I signed up for a special dinner at Applewood Brooklyn featuring Lucky Dog Organics. Patrons sit at communal tables, which, of course, encourages conversation with strangers. Within minutes, I discovered that our table mates had a home in the same upstate town as my […]