Preventing the flu

Who’s generating more press about the flu “epidemic” — the media or the government? Well, while everyone else is waiting in line for a flu vaccine or complaining about the vaccine, I’m taking precautions. First and most obvious, do not hang around people who are constantly blowing their noses and touching everything in your vicinity. Two, get plenty of rest. The body needs time to recharge and keep its immune system vigilant (but not hyper-vigilant). Three, drink plenty of filtered water. (And, not from plastic bottles, which contain BPA, a synthetic estrogen, that may contribute to ADHD and breast cancer.) Four, take the following supplements during flu season. Before taking these supplements, consult with a registered dietitian or certified nutritionist who is knowledgeable about functional medicine. You can find one at and

1. A good quality probiotic such as VSL #3.

2. 5,000 IU of vitamin in tablet, capsule, or liquid form.

3. Beta-glucan, a polysaccaride that has the ability to modulate the immune system.

And, get out of those toxic relationships. Think about a sinking ship and how you need to get off before it goes down. Don’t let others bring you down with them. Stand your ground and move away.