Listen to your brain: stop eating before you’re full

Hara hachi bu is a way of eating in Okinawa, Japan — one of the blue zones (more on blue zones later). The primary tenet is eating until you’re 80% full. When was the last time you did that? This is an awesome strategy because¬†your stomach’s stretch receptors take about 20 minutes to tell your […]

If Oprah writes about it, it must be true!

Oprah magazine features an article questioning (in a roundabout way) safety of America’s food technology. I love when all the issues that the left wing, granola head nutritionists (moi, for example) have been saying for years get picked up by the mainstream media. This is awesome. How many readers does she have? The article points […]

When did kids start eating differently from the adults?

The very first thing that we can do to improve the eating habits of America children is to stop offering them “kid” food. Children need to be immediately exposed to varying flavors to develop a palate. If we continue to placate children only with chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hots dogs, piazza, macaroni & cheese, baby carrots, […]

Organic: what’s crucial?

Organic. It’s everywhere. Food. Cleaning products. Personal care. Linens. Clothing. Let’s focus on food first. After all, this is a nutrition blog. The Environmental Working Group tells us that the dirty dozen of vegetables and fruit include peaches apples bell peppers celery nectarines strawberries cherries kale lettuce imported grapes carrots pears You can download a […]

Food & addiction

A study in Neuroscience wonders about the similarities between junk food junkies and, well, junkies. In an experiment, rats that were given unlimited amounts of junk food had similar addictive behaviors to rats addicted to heroin. The researchers believe this occurred because the pleasure centers of the brains of rats becomes less responsive as the […]

Nutrition heals in many ways

Nutrition heals may have new meaning. At the very last minute, I signed up for a special dinner at Applewood Brooklyn featuring Lucky Dog Organics. Patrons sit at communal tables, which, of course, encourages conversation with strangers. Within minutes, I discovered that our table mates had a home in the same upstate town as my […]

BPA in plastic

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical that acts like a synthetic estrogen. It’s in our bodies as early as neonatal development. It has been found in the cord blood of newborns. This is not good. BPA has been implicated in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), breast cancer, and genital malformation in boys and girls […]

Preventing the flu

Who’s generating more press about the flu “epidemic” — the media or the government? Well, while everyone else is waiting in line for a flu vaccine or complaining about the vaccine, I’m taking precautions. First and most obvious, do not hang around people who are constantly blowing their noses and touching everything in your vicinity. […]