Organic everywhere

Organic gin — that’s one way to reduce your toxic load. Drinking organic alcohol seems somewhat like an oxymoron. Alcohol is, of course, a toxin. If you looking to decrease your toxic load, the first two directives are eliminate alcohol and eat organic. Mixing organic gin in your G&T is a compromise of sort, I suppose. You still get to have your cake and eat it, too. Enjoy the quintessential summer beverage and feel good because it’s organic.

This is not sarcasm. I see this as a moving in the right direction. Distillers are thinking better for your health. Gin is made with herbs. Herbs are loaded with pesticides. I, for one, love the idea of mixing a non high-fructose corn syrup tonic (try Feverfew or Q) with Farmer’s Organic Gin. And, for goodness sake, be sure to top it off with a squeeze of organic lime.

Gin is not the only organic alcohol I’ve spotted. I’ve seen cider and beer, too. And, some of the beers are gluten-free — an added benefit. It all adds up to more choice, which can translate into better choice.