Ingredients in your shampoo, sunscreen and cosmetics may be scary

Did you know that in the good ole US of A most man-made chemicals are permitted as ingredients in our shampoos, sunscreens, cosmetics, and other  personal products? And is a surprise to learn that in other countries around the world many of these chemicals are banned for such use? Next question: who cares? Well, you and […]

What we know about weight

This is what we now know about weight management. 1. A calorie is most certainly not a calorie. 2. Fat cells like to stay fat. 3. Genetics can influence success at dieting. We can identify genes to determine if you would have better success on a food plan that’s low-carbohydrate or low-fat or both. And, […]

Stressed out? Who isn’t?

The functioning of your adrenal glands and your thyroid are intimately connected. Together, these regulate hormones and basal metabolic rate. Add an urban life in the big city, a two-parent working household, the economy, parenting, or almost every other permutation of living and you have a recipe for either stressed and tired or stressed and […]

Natural sleeping aides

Did you know that lack of adequate sleep can prevent weight loss? That’s because too little sleep can increase cortisol levels. Too much cortisol keeps your system hyper vigilant. Think caveman days. You need to stay alert because a lion is running after you. Because you may need to hide from the lion, you need […]

Organic everywhere

Organic gin — that’s one way to reduce your toxic load. Drinking organic alcohol seems somewhat like an oxymoron. Alcohol is, of course, a toxin. If you looking to decrease your toxic load, the first two directives are eliminate alcohol and eat organic. Mixing organic gin in your G&T is a compromise of sort, I […]

Do you have GI issues?

Talking about bowel function is a national pastime. Mothers monitor diaper catchings of their children with diligence, frequently keeping logs. Old people obsess abut what comes out or, rather, what doesn’t. Gastrointestinal (GI) function may top weather conversation among the AARP set. And, of course, boys from the time they can speak until, well, death […]

Going gluten free

Going gluten free is a big deal for most people. I’ll go out on a limb with zero substantiation (other than the looks of panic from my clients) and say that it’s a big deal for all people. Gluten is pervasive in the US food supply and in the American diet. And we really enjoy […]

Health resolutions for the new year

Post holidays at the beginning of the year is a typical time for resolutions — a time to change our lives for the better. January only competes with pre bathing suit season for getting in shape. It’s the time of the year that clients ask me about weight loss and eating better. Here are a […]

Comfort food & gluten-free baking

Is it the impending snow storm, reading “Julie & Julia” on a Kindle, or gazing at the photos in Don Pintabona’s “The Shared Table: Cooking with Spirit for Family & Friends?” No one in my family really cares. They’re just happy that I decided to cook. It’s cold outside. Comfort food recipes come to mind. I […]

Gluten-free brownies

We were invited to a Chanukah celebration, which my son refers to as latke night. That’s because one year he ate 27 of them. I offered to bring baked goods. The hostess demurred. She was concerned that my offerings would be gluten-free and cardboard-like. Since the age of 12 I have been known for my […]